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    • V/STOL

      Vertical/short takeoff and landing
    • V-bomber

      Collective name for RAF jet bombers of 1950s/1960s (Vickers Valiant, Handley Page Victor, Avro Vulcan)
    • VC

      Victoria Cross
    • VCR

      Visual Control Room (structure on top of control tower)
    • VE Day

      Victory in Europe Day (8 May 1945)
    • Vegetable

      RAF codename for a mine, laid by aircraft at sea
    • Very (Light) (pistol)

      Firearm used to dispense signalling flares
    • VGS

      Volunteer Gliding School (later Squadron)
    • VHF

      Very High Frequency
    • VIP

      Very Important Person
    • VJ Day

      Victory over Japan Day (15 August 1945)
    • VOR

      VHF Omni-Directional Range (Radio Beacon)
    • VTOL

      Vertical takeoff and landing

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