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    • B Type Hut

      WW2 airfield support building
    • B&GS

      Bombing and Gunnery School
    • B1

      WW2 hangar type
    • BAA

      British Airports Authority (civil)
    • Baedeker raid

      Luftwaffe bombing attacks during 1942 against British cities deemed culturally and/or historically significant
    • Balloon Command

      RAF organisation (1938-1945)
    • Bar and Rod Tracking

      Type of metal runway
    • Barrage balloon

      Defensive balloon attached to ground by metal cables, intended to damage or deter enemy aircraft
    • Base Station

      WW2 more substantial Bomber Command airfield, administering Base Sub-Stations [qv] and carrying out more extensive maintenance/servicing of aircraft
    • Base Sub-Station

      WW2 somewhat less substantial and more austerity period Bomber Command airfield, independent but technically a satellite and under the overall administration of a Base Station [qv]
    • BAT Flight

      Blind (later Beam) Approach Training Flight
    • Battle HQ

      WW2 airfield defence control building
    • Battle of Britain

      World's greatest ever air campaign (10 July-31 October 1940)
    • Battle of Britain Day

      Peak of Battle of Britain [qv], also now annual commemoration
    • BC

      Bomber Command [qv]
    • BCF Hut

      WW2 airfield support building
    • BDTF

      Bomber Defence Training Flight
    • BEA

      British European Airways (civil airline)
    • Beam (approach)

      Type of aircraft landing system
    • Belfast (Truss)

      Colloquial name for General Service Shed (WW1 hangar type, named after wooden trusses supporting roof)
    • Bellman

      1930s/1940s hangar type
    • Bessonneau

      WW1 hangar type
    • BFTS

      Basic Flying Training School
    • BG

      Bomb/Bombardment Group (USAAF)
    • Blitz (The)

      Luftwaffe bombing attacks on British cities and towns (September 1940-May 1941)
    • BOAC

      British Overseas Airways Corporation (civil airline)
    • Bomb trolley

      Wheeled device to transport bombs and other weaponry devices to aircraft
    • Bomber Command

      RAF organisation (1936-1968)
    • Bomber support

      WW2 assistance to RAF heavy bombers through a mixture of electronic warfare and offensive night fighter operations
    • Braithwaite

      WW2 water tower type
    • Butler (Combat)

      WW2 American hangar type
    • BW

      Bomb/Bombardment Wing (USAAF/USAF)

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