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    • PAC

      Parachute and Cable (airfield defence weapon)
    • Paid off

      FAA term for closing of airfield
    • Panhandle

      Parking area for aircraft, shaped as such
    • Paraglider

      Recreational aircraft consisting of a parachute, either winch-launched or equipped with a small engine
    • Parent

      Headquarters/administrative airfield
    • Paved

      Relating to runways consisting of e.g. concrete or tarmac, not soft surfaces such as grass
    • Pentad

      WW2 FAA hangar type
    • Perimeter track

      Roadway around landing area of airfield
    • Peri-track

      Perimeter track [qv]
    • Personnel and Training Command

      RAF organisation (1994-2007)
    • PFA

      Popular Flying Association (former name for LAA [qv])
    • PFF

      Pathfinder Force
    • Pickett-Hamilton

      WW2 retractable pillbox
    • Pierced Steel Planking (PSP)

      Type of metal runway
    • Pillbox

      Type of defence installation
    • PoW

      Prisoner of War
    • PPR

      Prior Permission Required
    • PR

      Photographic reconnaissance
    • PRU

      Photographic Reconnaissance Unit
    • PSP

      Pierced Steel Planking [qv]
    • Pundit (letters) (lights)

      Either two letter placed in signals square alongside control tower or lights flashing in Morse Code to provide identity of airfield

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