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    • H2S

      WW2 navigation and target identification radar carried by RAF bombers
    • Handcraft Hut

      WW2 airfield support building
    • Handley Page Shed

      WW1 hangar type
    • Hangar

      Building to house or service aircraft
    • Hang-glider

      Type of light aircraft, normally unpowered
    • Hard runway

      General term for a runway constructed of e.g. concrete or tarmac
    • Hardened Aircraft Shelter

      1980s type of aircraft hangar, specially reinforced to counter any enemy attack
    • Hardest Day (The)

      Day in the Battle of Britain (August 18 1940) which saw particularly heavy RAF and Luftwaffe losses, as well as major attacks upon British airfields
    • Hardstanding

      Parking area for aircraft
    • HAS

      Hardened Aircraft Shelter [qv]
    • HCU

      Heavy Conversion Unit
    • HD

      Home Defence [qv]
    • HE

      High Explosive (bomb)
    • Heavy/heavies

      Colloquial term for the three RAF four-engined heavy bombers of WW2 (Avro Lancaster, Handley Page Halifax, Short Stirling)
    • HGCU

      Heavy Glider Conversion Unit
    • Highball

      WW2 bouncing bomb weapon designed for use by Mosquitoes
    • Hinaidi

      1920s hangar type
    • HMS

      Her/His Majesty's Ship
    • Home Command

      RAF organisation (1950-1959)
    • Home Defence

      WW1 generic term applied in aviation terms to RFC/RAF fighter squadrons defending Britain
    • Hop

      Extremely short flight by aircraft
    • HQ

    • HTCU

      Heavy Transport Conversion Unit
    • Hucks Starter

      Device aboard a vehicle designed to start aircraft piston engines

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