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    • GA

      General aviation [qv}
    • Gardening

      WW2 RAF minelaying
    • Gate guard(ian)

      Aircraft (initially real, now frequently imitation) displayed at entrance to especially military airfield
    • Gaydon

      Post-WW2 hangar type, named after 1950s V-bomber base
    • GC

      Gliding Club
    • GCA

      Ground Controlled Approach (ground radar to help aircraft land)
    • GCI

      Ground Controlled Interception (ground radar directing night fighters towards enemy aircraft)
    • Geddes Axe

      Notorious policy of 1922, named after businessman Sir Eric Geddes, to cut down on government expenditure and notably saw enormous cutbacks on defence spending
    • Gee

      WW2 RAF radar navigation aid
    • General aviation

      All civil aviation apart from commercial air transport activity
    • General Service Shed

      WW1 hangar type
    • Glim Lamp(s)/Light(s)

      Type of airfield lighting
    • Gooseneck(s)

      Flare container filled with paraffin, acting as landing area lighting
    • Gp

    • Gp Comms Flight

      Group Communication Flight
    • Grand Slam

      RAF 22,000 pound bomb
    • Group

      Military unit, ranked above a Wing and below a Command
    • Group Pool

      RAF unit of early WW2, predecessor of an OTU [qv]
    • GS

      Gliding School
    • GS Shed

      General Service Shed [qv]
    • GTS

      Glider Training School

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