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    • MAEE

      Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment
    • Mainhill

      WW2 FAA hangar type, also known as Mains or S Shed
    • Maintenance Command

      RAF organisation (1938-1973)
    • Maintenance Unit sub-site

      Airfield (normally closed to flying) under the control of a MU [qv], employed for storage of especially equipment and munitions
    • Mandrel

      WW2 radar jamming aid
    • MAP

      Ministry of Aircraft Production
    • Marine airfield

      Area of water used by aircraft for take-off and landing
    • Marston Shed

      WW2 airfield support building
    • MATZ

      Military Aerodrome Traffic Zone
    • Maycrete Hut

      WW2 airfield support building
    • MC

      Maintenance Command [qv]
    • MCA

      Ministry of Civil Aviation
    • Met

    • Metal runway

      Referring to various types of prefabricated runway used primarily during WW2
    • Microlight

      Very small aircraft, designed to carry at most two people
    • MoA

      Ministry of Aviation
    • MoD

      Ministry of Defence
    • Mooring-out base

      Dispersed landing place for WW1 airships [qv airship sub-station]
    • Motor glider

      Sailplane equipped with a small engine in order to take off from an airfield
    • MQ

      Married quarter(s)
    • MT

      Mechanical (or Motor) Transport (vehicles)
    • MTCA

      Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation
    • MU

      Maintenance Unit
    • Municipal airport

      Airport owned by city, town or local authority, particularly prominent in 1930s

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