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    • Oboe

      WW2 RAF radar navigation aid
    • OC

      Officer Commanding
    • OCU

      Operational Conversion Unit
    • Operation Crossbow

      Attacks against V-weapon targets (1943-1944)
    • Operation Exodus

      Repatriation of former Allied prisoners of war to home airfields at end of WW2
    • Operation Gisela

      Enemy name for a large intruder raid upon airfields in eastern England on night of 3/4 March 1945
    • Operation Manna

      Dropping of food to starving Dutch population (April/May 1945)
    • Operation Market

      Airborne invasion of Arnhem and other Netherlands targets (September 1944)
    • Operation Starkey

      Intentionally false invasion of Pas de Calais area (August/September 1943)
    • Operation Varsity

      Airborne invasion over River Rhine (March 1945)
    • Operations block

      Building to control and oversee flying operations
    • OPMAC

      Operation Military Aid to the Community
    • Ops

    • ORB

      Operations Record Book (detailing military unit activities)
    • Orlit Hut

      WW2 airfield support building
    • ORP

      Operational Readiness Platform (platform alongside or to close to runway for rapid deployment of military aircraft)
    • OS

      Ordnance Survey
    • OTU

      Operational Training Unit

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