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    • F Shed

      1930s hangar type
    • FAA

      Fleet Air Arm (1937-present)
    • Farm strip

      Alternative term for private airstrip, especially if agriculture involved
    • FC

      Fighter Command [qv]
    • Ferry Command

      RAF organisation (1941-1943)
    • FG

      Fighter Group (USAAF)
    • FIDO

      Fog Investigation Dispersal Operation (device to clear fog around airfields)
    • Field

      [colloquial] Airfield
    • Fighter Command

      RAF organisation (1936-1943, 1944-1968)
    • Firing butt

      Normally brick structure to test machine guns; also known as stop butt
    • FIS

      Flying Instructors' School
    • Flarepath

      Line of lights to illuminate airfield landing area and allow aircraft to land
    • Flight

      Military unit, ranked either below a squadron or independent
    • Flight station

      WW1 airfield for use by a Flight of a RFC/RAF fighter squadron
    • Flying boat

      Aircraft equipped with a hull to operate from water
    • Flying Control

      Original name for what is now Air Traffic Control [qv]
    • Flying Training Command

      RAF organisation (1940-1968)
    • FOB

      Forward Operating Base
    • FP

      Ferry Pool
    • FPP

      Ferry Pilots Pool
    • Fromson

      WW2 hangar type
    • FRS

      Flying Refresher School
    • FRU

      Fleet Requirements Unit (FAA)
    • Frying pan

      Alternative name for panhandle [qv]
    • FS

      Fighter Squadron (USAAF); Fighting School
    • FTC

      Flying Training Command [qv]
    • FTG

      Fighter Training Group (USAAF)
    • FTS

      Flying Training School
    • FTU

      Ferry Training Unit
    • FU

      Ferry Unit
    • FW

      Fighter Wing (USAF)

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