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    • UAS

      University Air Squadron
    • U-boat

      WW1/WW2 German submarine
    • UFO

      Unidentified Flying Object
    • Ultralight

      Alternative term for microlight [qv]
    • Unit

      Relating to a military element; can also be reasonably applied to any form of civil organisation
    • United States 3rd Air Force

      US military air element based in Britain since shortly after end of WW2
    • United States 8th Army Air Force

      More strategic element of US military air forces based in Britain during WW2
    • United States 9th Army Air Force

      More tactical element of US military air forces based in Britain during WW2
    • Unlicensed

      Relating to civil airfields not permitted to commercially transport passengers or carry out flying training
    • Unpaved

      Relating to runways consisting of e.g. grass or sand, not hard surfaces such as concrete
    • USAAF

      United States Army Air Forces (1941-1947)
    • USAF

      United States Air Force (1947-present)
    • USAS

      United States Air Service (1918-1926)
    • USN

      United States Navy
    • UXB

      Unexploded Bomb

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