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    • T Type

      General term for T1, T2 and T3 hangars [qv]
    • T1

      WW2 hangar type
    • T2

      WW2 hangar type
    • T3

      WW2 hangar type
    • TA

      Territorial Army
    • TAF

      Tactical Air Force
    • Tallboy

      RAF 14,000 pound bomb
    • Tanker

      Aircraft used for air-to-air refuelling
    • Tarmac

      [colloquial] Apron or (sometimes) runway at airfield
    • Taxi-track

      Alternative name for taxiway [qv]
    • Taxiway

      Roadway at airfield for aircraft to travel along while on ground
    • TC

      Transport Command [qv]
    • TCG

      Troop Carrier Group (USAAF)
    • TCS

      Troop Carrier Squadron (USAAF)
    • TCU

      Transport Conversion Unit
    • TDS

      Training Depot Station
    • Technical site

      Part of airfield for ongoing running and support of daily operations
    • Technical Training Command

      RAF organisation (1940-1968)
    • Tender

      FAA term for a satellite airfield
    • Terminal

      Building at airport for processing of passengers and cargo
    • Tett Turret

      WW2 defence position
    • TEU

      Tactical Exercise Unit
    • TFW

      Tactical Fighter Wing (USAF)
    • Thor site

      Base for Douglas Thor nuclear missiles during 1958-63
    • Threshold

      Start of airfield runway on which aircraft is attempting to land
    • Tiger Force

      Proposed RAF heavy bomber element to attack Japan, did not become operational due to Japanese surrender
    • Touch and go landing(s)

      Alternative term for circuits and bumps [qv]
    • Tour

      Term applying to number of operational missions (normally 30 in RAF)
    • Tower

      [colloquial] Control tower
    • Training Command

      RAF organisation (1936-1940, 1968-1977)
    • Transport Command

      RAF organisation (1943-1967)
    • TRW

      Tactical Reconnaissance Wing (USAF)
    • TS

      Training Squadron (RAF/RFC)
    • TT

      Target Towing
    • TTC

      Technical Training Command [qv]
    • TTF

      Target Towing Flight
    • TTU

      Torpedo Training Unit
    • Turbinlite

      Airborne searchlight fitted to Douglas Havocs and Bostons for night fighter use
    • TWU

      Tactical Weapons Unit

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