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    • C Type

      1930s hangar type
    • C&M

      Care and Maintenance
    • C1 Type

      Late 1930s version of C Type hangar
    • CAA

      Civil Aviation Authority
    • CAACU

      Civilian Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit
    • Cadre

      Unit with no aircraft and few personnel
    • CAG

      Civil Air Guard [qv]
    • Callender/Callender-Hamilton

      1930s/WW2 hangar type
    • CC

      Coastal Command [qv]
    • CCDU

      Coastal Command Development Unit
    • CCRC

      Combat Crew Replacement Center (USAAF)
    • CFS

      Central Flying School
    • Chance Light

      Mobile airfield floodlight
    • Channel Track

      Type of metal runway
    • Chock

      Wedge placed around aircraft wheels to stop movement
    • C-in-C

    • Circuit

      Standard flightpath around airfield for aircraft taking off or landing
    • Circuit overlap

      Dangerous situation of airfield flightpaths being too close to each other and resultant possibility of collisions
    • Circuits and bumps

      Repeated aircraft flights around airfield and (often brief) touchdowns
    • Circus

      WW2 heavily escorted daylight bomber mission, meant to attract enemy aircraft
    • Civil Air Guard (CAG)

      Late 1930s civil organisation to boost numbers of pilots for potential future RAF availability
    • Class A standard

      More substantial WW2 airfield, notably possessing three runways
    • CND

      Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
    • CO

      Commanding Officer
    • Coastal Area

      RAF organisation (1919-1936)
    • Coastal Command

      RAF organisation (1936-1969)
    • Cold War

      Unstable international situation between western and eastern countries/regimes (circa 1947-1991/present (disputed))
    • Command

      Highest form of RAF organisation e.g. Bomber Command
    • Comms Flight

      Communications Flight
    • Community relations officer

      RAF contact between other civilian and military elements
    • Con Flight

      Conversion Flight
    • Control tower

      Building to co-ordinate airfield and airspace traffic
    • Cookie

      RAF nickname for a 4,000 pound bomb
    • CPF

      Coastal Patrol Flight
    • CRO

      Civilian Repair Organisation
    • Cruise missile

      Long-range guided missile, intended to hit target with extreme accuracy
    • CU

      Conversion Unit
    • Cub strip

      Name given to WW2 US Army airstrip used by Grasshopper liaison aircraft

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