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    • R/T

      Radio Telephony
    • RAAF

      Royal Australian Air Force
    • RAE

      Royal Aircraft (later Aerospace) Establishment
    • RAF

      Royal Air Force (1918-present)
    • RAF Regiment

      Royal Air Force Regiment (1942-present), organisation to defend military airfields
    • RAFGSA

      Royal Air Force Gliding and Soaring Association
    • RAFVR

      Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
    • Ramrod

      WW2 escorted daylight bombing raid against a specified target
    • Ranger

      WW2 long-range offensive sortie against targets in a defined target
    • RAS

      Reserve Aeroplane Squadron
    • RAT Flight

      Radio Aids Training Flight
    • RAuxAF

      Royal Auxiliary Air Force
    • RCAF

      Royal Canadian Air Force
    • RCM

      Radio Counter Measures
    • RE

      Royal Engineers
    • Reserve Command

      RAF organisation (1939-1940, 1946-1950)
    • RFC

      Royal Flying Corps (1912-1918)
    • RFS

      Reserve Flying School
    • Rhubarb

      WW2 fighter mission flown at low level and in cloudy weather against short-range targets
    • RLG

      Relief Landing Ground
    • RM

      Royal Marines
    • RNAS

      Royal Naval Air Service (1914-1918); Royal Naval Air Station
    • RNZAF

      Royal New Zealand Air Force
    • Robin(s)

      WW2 hangar type
    • ROC

      Royal Observer Corps
    • Rodeo

      WW2 fighter sweep
    • Romney Hut

      WW2 airfield support building
    • Rover

      WW2 patrol hunting for enemy shipping
    • RS

      Radio School; Reserve Squadron (RAF/RFC)
    • Runway

      Defined area of ground where aircraft take off and land

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