1st March 1945

Fair. Two Mossie 16’s, Luton to Upwood.

2nd March 1945

Hazey. Mossie Leavesden to Colerne. Rolls. Back in Anson. Wimpey pm, Slade Farm to Gatwick. Old OTU kite. Took off and found elevator trim u/s. Flew with flaps down at 120. Nice landing at Gatwick. Back in Anson (OTU = Operational Training Unit. Elevator trim = the Wellington had built in compensation for the nose up trim when flaps were lowered. This had failed, could have been nasty. Lowering flaps corrected the trim).

3rd March 1945

Hazey, becoming fine. Mossie, Hatfield to Upwood. Had arranged to be dropped at Hendon for leave, but fell through. Dropped at Hatfield, train to London. Up to Rosslyn. Saw my father, and went to meet Ros stayed at Rembrandt.

7th March 1945

Went to Law Courts AM. Case of slander – interesting. Went to Zoo with Ros and Joan later. Party at Normandy. Met Anthony Armstrong, Collyers, Burrows, (P.A) Danced with Joan and Ros. Others went early. (Law Courts = used to visit out of interest, Joan = my sister. Other names = Family Air Force friends).

9th March 1945

Up early, caught 7.30. Two Mossies; LutonUpwood and HatfieldBenson. Tail first in second. Lovely day. (Tail first = touched down tail wheel before main wheels).

10th March 1945

Given Tempest II but weather bad till PM, and factory shut. Anson to AD. Tempest V to Dunsfold. Had bet about starting. Mine went first go. Loops, rolls and got a bit lost. Perfect landing. Anson back. Saw Burnett and his yacht. (Starting = the Sabre engine was often difficult to start. Burnett and his yacht = this comes up again, see 25th Feb. No idea now what this is about).

My diary entries cease here. The earlier diary records of January to August 1943 are grouped in a separate folder. Some notes of my impressions on renewing acquaintance with these diaries whilst typing them in 2012/2013 are as an appendix to the 1943 diary files.


Peter Garrod aboard his yacht 'Artimon'. Taken by John Walker, courtesy of John Webster and the ATA Association

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