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Kemble (Cotswold)

Also known as: Cotswold Airport / Cotswold Airport Showground / Kemble Aerodrome / Kemble Enterprise Park / RAF Kemble
County: Wiltshire
Current Status: Aviation / Industry / Museum
Date: Opened 22 June 1938
Current Use: Active
Used By: RAF / Civil / USAF

N.B. - Kemble is situated across the two counties of Gloucestershire and Wiltshire but primarily geographically resides in Wiltshire.

The following organisations are either based at, use and/or have at least potentially significant connections with the airfield (as at 01/09/2011):

  • Air Salvage International Limited
  • AV8 Restaurant
  • Bristol Britannia XM496 Preservation Society
  • Chevron Aircraft Maintenance
  • Cirencester and District Model Aircraft Club
  • Cotswold Archaeology
  • Cotswold Model Car Club
  • Crown Catering (Stroud) Ltd
  • Crudwell Parish Council
  • High Tech Drains & Water Solutions
  • Kemble & Ewen Parish Council
  • LRTT Ltd t/a Resource Group
  • Rapid Racking Ltd
  • Rodmarton Parish Council
  • Secure Data Management Ltd
  • Turtle Mat Company Limited

Main unit(s) present:

  • No 1 Aircraft Preparation Unit

  • No 1 Overseas Aircraft Preparation Unit

  • No 2 Transport Aircraft Modification Unit

  • No 5 MU

  • No 7 (Service) FPP

  • No 286 Sqn

  • Bristol Aero Club
  • Freedom Aviation
  • Kemble Flying Club
  • Overseas Air Deliveries Flight

  • Overseas Aircraft Despatch Unit

  • Overseas Aircraft Preparation Flight

  • Overseas Aircraft Preparation Unit

  • Overseas Deliveries Flight

  • RAF Lyneham Flying Club
  • Transport Aircraft Modification Section

Aerial c.1983.jpg

Aerial view of Kemble airfield, c. 1983. © Dave Welch.


Interior of the post-war design control tower at Kemble, 23 November 2005.


A Type D Aircraft Storage Unit hangar at Kemble, 23 November 2005.


A Romney hut at Kemble, 23 November 2005.


A Type D Aircraft Storage Unit hangar, 23 November 2005.


Various airliners at Kemble, 23 November 2011.


Looking down the runway at Kemble, 23 November 2005.


An Expansion Period water tower at Kemble, 23 November 2005.


A Type C hangar at Kemble, 23 November 2005.


The post-war design control tower at Kemble, 23 November 2005.


A Folland Gnat at Kemble, 23 November 2005.

Type D hangar - Nick Challoner.JPG

A Type D hangar at Kemble, 13 July 2008. Photograph copyright © 2016 Nick Challoner, all rights reserved,

Cocooning aircraft at Kemble, 1950. Courtesy of British Pathé

Satellite Landing Ground(s):

Beechwood / Berrow

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