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Feltham (Hanworth Park)

Also known as: London Air Park / RAF Feltham
County: Greater London
Current Status: Housing / Industry / Leisure activity
Date: 1918 - 1949
Current Use: Disused
Used By: RAF / Civil
Landing Surface Types: Unpaved

Notable Past Associated Organisations:

  • Blackburn and General Aircraft Limited
  • British Aircraft Company
  • British Aircraft Company (1935) Ltd
  • British Aircraft Manufacturing Company
  • British Klemm Aeroplane Company
  • Cierva Autogiro Company
  • General Aircraft Limited
  • Kronfeld Ltd
  • National Flying Services Ltd
  • Tipsy Aircraft Company Ltd
  • Whitehead Aircraft Ltd

Main Unit(s) Present:

  • No 5 E&RFTS

  • No 5 EFTS

  • British Aircraft Company (1935) Ltd

  • British Aircraft Manufacturing Co Ltd

  • British Klemm Aeroplane Co Ltd

  • Cierva Autogiro Company

  • Field Consolidated Aircraft Services Ltd

  • General Aircraft Limited

  • Insurance Flying Club

  • Kronfeld Ltd

  • Light Aircraft Ltd

  • London Air Park Flying Club

  • Midland Bank Flying Club

  • Tipsy Aircraft Company Ltd

  • Universal Flying Services Ltd

  • Whitehead Aircraft Co Ltd

Sopwith Pups at Feltham during the First World War. Courtesy of British Pathé

"Graf Zeppelin" taking off from Hanworth Park (Feltham), 1932. Courtesy of British Pathé

Relief Landing Ground(s):


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