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Douglas (Landplane) I

Also known as: Douglas Beach
County: Isle of Man
Current Status: Beach
Date: 29 July 1919 - 1920
Current Use: Disused
Used By: Civil
Landing Surface Types: Unpaved
Aircraft Roles: General aviation

What became the island’s first landplane airfield started at the end of July 1919 when a pilot of the Avro Transport Company began giving joy-riding flights from the beach alongside Douglas Promenade, in front of the Castle Mona Hotel. This activity proved popular over the summer, pleasure flying resuming during 1920 under the International Aviation Company at Bidston near Birkenhead but a small number of complaints unfortunately stopped further flying later that year. Since then the promenade has markedly changed from when aircraft parked on a grassy section at the seafront.


The following organisations are either based at, use and/or have at least potentially significant connections with the airfield (as at 01/11/2015):

  • Douglas Borough Council
  • Henry Bloom Noble Library

Notable Past Associated Organisations:

  • Castle Mona Hotel

Main unit(s) present:

  • Avro Transport Company
  • International Aviation Company

Photographs and video from the ABCT plaque unveiling at Douglas (Landplane) I on 8 November 2015:





Douglas Promenade, 10 August 2015.

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