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County: North Yorkshire
Current Status: Farmland
Date: Opened by 1 October 1941 - 1944
Current Use: Disused
Used By: RAF
Decoy Type(s): QX, to Q by 1 November 1941
Decoy Number(s): 9(b), later 126(a)

Birkby initially operated as the second listed decoy airfield after Low Moor for Catterick during World War Two, with parenting quickly switching to Scorton by October 1941, though it was protected by Catterick again by 15 December of that year. It appears that this decoy was abandoned by 30 November 1943 but then became immediately reinstated prior to final closure. No traces of this place appear to have survived.


The following organisations are either based at, use and/or have at least potentially significant connections with the airfield (as at 31/12/2015):

  • Danby Wiske with Lazenby Parish Council
Parent(s)/HQ Airfield(s):

Catterick / Scorton

Associated Airfield(s):

Low Moor

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