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Wolseley Motors was Britain’s largest car manufacturer going into the First World War. During the course of the war Wolseley built approximately 760 aircraft, 4,900 aero engines plus 600 sets of spare aircraft wings and tailplanes in addition to large quantities of other armaments and vehicles. Adderley Park itself was Birmingham's first free public park.

Also known as: Birmingham
County: West Midlands
Current Status: Unknown (location not known)
Date: 1915 - 1918
Current Use: Disused
Used By: Civil
Landing Surface Types: Unpaved

Adderley Park was a factory airfield for Wolseley Motors between 1915 and 1918. Many Royal Aircraft Factory SE5A fighters are known to have flown from the airfield.

Main unit(s) present:

  • Wolseley Motors

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